POSTExample query payload

"skip": 0,
"take": 100

A sample response

"data": [
"id": "9b1deb4d-3b7d-4bad-9bdd-2b0d7b3dcb6d",
"name": "test"
"errors": {},
"meta": {
"request_id": "9b1deb4d-3b7d-4bad-9bdd-2b0d7b3dcb6d",
"code": 200,
"reason": "OK",
"message": "The request was successful",
"count": 1001

Our list APIs will only return a limited number of results at a time.

By default, we'll return 50 results per page, but you can set this to any number between 1 and 100 with the take variable in the request body.

At the end of every list response, you will see a meta response that contains a count of all entities in the request.

To look beyond this first page of results, you will need to use the skip variable to skip the initial records.