Getting Started

This reference documents how to install and setup the Felloh browser-side JavaScript SDK. You can use this SDK to render the Felloh payment form and accept payments within your site or application.

We have put together a guide on how to embed the payment form to give you a better idea of how this all fits together.

- NPM Package

- Github Repository

Installing | Package Manager

Installing the SDK via the command line (with Yarn)

yarn add @felloh-org/payment-sdk

Installing the SDK via the command line (with NPM)

npm install @felloh-org/payment-sdk

You will need to install our SDK using a package manager on your frontend. We recommend either using NPM or Yarn.

Installing | CDN

Including the script

<script src=""></script>

Using the SDK

<div id="payment-iframe"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var SDK = new FellohPayments('payment-iframe', 'your-public-key');

You can include the Felloh SDK on the page of the site where you will be rendering the payment form. This is cached via AWS Cloudfront and is therefore highly available and is continuously deployed by us.

The upside of doing it this way rather than via a package manager, is that you will always have the latest version of our SDK.