Setup a sandbox account

A sandbox account is used to test basic integration with our payment gateway and APIs. These accounts are publically available on our test host and can be used without requesting access from Felloh.

1. Register - Register for the sandbox

2. Create API Keys - Create a booking for your customer

1. Register

The following code will authenticate you against the api and get the bearer token, you can then use this for all future calls against the API.

You will need to get your public and private keys from the dashboard and them set these either in the environment or via another method.

More information on authentication can be found here.

2. Creating API Keys

As mentioned, this step can be skipped if you do not currently have a booking and would just like to create a payment link, however you will need to use the assign endpoint at a later stage to get payouts on the booking.

More information on creating a booking can be found here.